What We Do


1. Consistent Guest Service


We don’t outsource your business to call centers or subcontractors or temporary help. We have a staff of 39 full-time employees who are experts in handling all your short-term rental needs. We have a local footprint here in Las Vegas in our 14,000 sq ft building. We aren’t an online company in another state or country.

2. Thorough Guest Screening


Just as you will have an online reputation as a rental provider, guests too have an online reputation. We are diligent in finding the best fit for your property. Damages quickly cut into profits, and although nothing can guarantee you a perfect rental guest, we can do everything in our power to vet anyone staying in your property. This is an investment. This is your business. We are your partner in safeguarding it.

3. We Keep You Informed


We are transparent in everything related to your property. You can see who is staying in your rental. You can see check-in and check-out dates. Any cleaning or maintenance will have pictures you can access at any time. We are holding your investment, so we need you to feel confident that we give you all the updates in real time. Transparency is key.

4. Stocked and Prepared Home


We complete a full written walk-through of your rental inventory with every check-in/check-out. Towels, furnishings, dishes, and fixtures are all yours and are part of the guest experience. These are valuable items that are necessary to ensure your guest has a perfect experience. We maintain immaculate records of all items so if we ever need to address an issue we have all necessary photos and documentation to support your claim.

5. Vendor Support


We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured as B-2 contractors in the state of Nevada. If anything needs repair we can do this for you in-house.