Property Management

Full Service Property Management

We currently manage over 600 units in Las Vegas. We currently work with State, County, and Federal government agencies, local private charities, and the general public. We receive between 50 and 80 calls every day from prospective tenants looking to rent. We do everything in-house: eviction, tenant placement, repairs, rehab, and anything that is needed. We treat your property as if it was our own.

We have a portfolio with rentals of all types from condos to apartments to houses and from A-class to C-class. Each type of building and tenant has unique needs and all need customized management.

We are not just your typical property manager, we are also investors. We became a property manager because we saw a lot of inificiancies in other property managers. We will increase your profits and reduce your headaches. We charge a flat 8% with no other fees.


Flat Fee Property Management at 8%


No charge for lease signings


No charge for lease renewals


No charge for tenant placement


No long term contracts REQUIRED (month-to-month only)


In-house maintenance to lower


Owners Expenses In-house eviction processing

Some Of The Buildings We Currently Manage

2 years ago to now

Houses in 2019

Houses in 2021


Staff increase from start to now

our green signs are the most recognizable property management in the city

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