VICE Realty & Your Rental

VICE Realty & Your Rental

     As laws continue to increasingly favor tenants over owners in most rentals, short term rentals like AirBnB or VRBO are becoming increasingly attractive to investors. The same house that provided a modest 4%-8% rate of return can quickly raise to more than 25% by making the move to short term rentals.

With this comes an array of additional items to care for, but that is where we at VICE Realty come in to take all that off your plate, so what you are left with is an amazing rate of return without the headaches of daily involvement. Essentially, a short term rental is a hotel, so think of all the planning needed with a hotel: furnishings, untimely arrivals, cleaning services, on call support, maintenance, utilities, and many more depending what kind of service you want to provide VICE Realty manages nearly 1000 rentals in Las Vegas, is a fully licensed real estate brokerage, and holds a B-2 contractor’s license. What this means is we can take care of any need your short-term rental has.

Everything you need from compliance to licensing to placement to fixing a drain is all done under one roof. Not only is this convenient for you, but there are fewer hands in your pocket. We don’t have to outsource anything. We have seen some of the short-term management contracts out there and we are guessing you might have also. Fees and fees and fees. That is what seems to be common. We don’t conduct business like this. We have no hidden terms. Everything is straight forward for you. We have no long term contracts with you. We are building a business relationship with you. This takes time and we don’t expect you to sign over the keys to your investment for a year without having known us.

Our contract with you is 30 days and can be canceled for any reason with no penalty. We have no startup costs either. Why would we charge you for allowing us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you? We want your business and we want to build together.

     If any repairs are needed we don’t have to waste time sending different contractors out for estimates while your guests are unhappily waiting for a resolution. Our contracting company works 7 days a week and priority one is taking care of your guest because we fully understand those same guests write the reviews that get your rental noticed. We understand how this works. This next part is very important.

Much of the success of your short-term rental is dependent on building reviews which puts your property in front of more potential guests. This is so important. Yes, we are in the rental business, but to even get to that part of the business we are in the algorithm business. We have to build your online reputation. What many short-term rental managers do is place your properties within their company. By doing this they hold your reviews. If you chose to quit them you would begin again from zero with your new manager and have to build your reputation again from nothing. This just isn’t right.

If a company has to force you to remain in business with them there must be something wrong with the service they provide. We don’t do this. Your online presence is your own. Yes, we build it for you, but we are under your account. The account is owned by you, not us. Whichever short-term rental company you choose, please look this one item if nothing else. Regardless of who you choose, make sure you own the rights to your own online reputation.