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Airbnb to Ban Parties Globally



July 7th, 2022 – LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A record number of Americans are expected to hit the road for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and many visitors are headed to Las Vegas.

While there is plenty to do on and off the Las Vegas Strip, Airbnb is putting a permanent ban on all parties and events at their listings globally.

The news comes after a temporary ban was put in place back in August of 2020, due to the pandemic and social distancing requirements.  Airbnb said that in the state of Nevada alone, there has been a 77% year-over-year drop in party reports since implementing the policy.

A week ago short-term rentals were given the green light in unincorporated Clark County and with the permanent ban in place, many will now have to find a place to party elsewhere. Aaron Pugh is a Las Vegas resident and expressed his opinion on the latest ban. “I think it’s good,” said local resident Aaron Pugh. “Someone has to put a rule down, otherwise people aren’t going to respect just an owner saying, “Oh, you can’t have parties!”

Jackie Flores, Host and Founder of the Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association expressed her thoughts on the ban and how it would affect homeowners.

“It goes in sync with what most property owners want to see at their house. They don’t want their houses to be rented for out-of-control events or parties, she told 8 News Now.

Bria Clark is a resident and believes the new ban will help deter loud parties in local neighborhoods.

“People work and it can be a real disturbance for those who have families, and we have casinos, we have day clubs, nightclubs, 24-hour clubs so people can go to those,” Clark said.

For those who don’t want to follow the guidelines, Airbnb released a statement which is listed below.

The policy will continue to include serious consequences for guests who attempt to violate these rules, varying from account suspension to full removal from the platform.


According to the company, in 2021, there were over 6,600 guests suspended from Airbnb for attempting to violate their party ban. Clark County plans to increase enforcement on Airbnbs as well. There will be a 24-hour phone number for people to report issues to the county and code enforcement officers to investigate complaints. Regulations will go into place next spring

Story originally appeared on Channel 8 News Las Vegas..