LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The estate of Tony Hsieh plans to sell off some of the deceased Zappos founder’s downtown Las Vegas real estate holdings.

DTP Companies, through which Hsieh invested hundreds of millions of dollars in downtown real estate and business, made the announcement on Friday.

Through DTP Companies, formerly known as the Downtown Project, Hsieh acquired more than 100 properties and developed now well-used communal sites like Container Park and Fergusons Downtown. He’s still lauded for his role in re-vitalizing Las Vegas’ downtown through investment projects, including founding the Life is Beautiful music festival.

Hsieh died unexpectedly in a fire days before his 47th birthday, leaving no will. A host of individuals and companies filed claims to more than $130 million after his death, and the fight over his estate is ongoing.

Now, his estate will purge some of those investments from Hsieh’s bursting portfolio.