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1. What are the new rules for short term rentals?

Short-Term Residential Rentals are limited to owner-occupied homes that are three bedrooms or less, are at least 660* feet from another short-term rental, and must comply with licensing, noise and parking regulations. All conditions must be met, no waivers or deviations are allowed.

2. What is the proper process if you want to have a short term rental?

If you meet the Conditional Use Regulations, then you submit for a Conditional Use Verification and submit for your business license. This is done as part of the license review process. You can either start at the Planning Desk at the City Hall (495 S. Main St ) or begin the process by completing the form in advance (included in this packet). As part of the Business Licensing process the applicant will have to have a home inspection performed by a member of our Code Enforcement section.

3. Who do you call if you have a complaint about an illegal short term rental?

All Short-Term Residential Rental related complaints, whether related to a licensed or unlicensed location, should be directed to the Short-Term Residential Rental Complaint Hotline – 702.229.3500. Calls should be placed while disturbance or violation is occurring so staff can document and take necessary action.

4. Why are some short term rentals being grandfathered in?

When zoning codes change there are often a number of activities that were permitted and legal prior to the code change. Short-Term Residential Rentals have been approvable in various ways since 2008. This most recent change has made these approved Short-Term Residential Rental locations nonconforming, planning term for grandfathered status. When most of these go away they will not be able to be replaced with new operators.

5. What are the next steps for short term rentals?

All applications in the system will have their public hearing at the Planning Commission or City Council, as may be appropriate. Existing licensees or approved Special Use Permit will get to continue to operate as long as they continue to follow all licensing and zoning rules.

6. What are short-term rentals?

Short-term or vacation rentals are the rental of a residential dwelling unit for periods of 30 consecutive days or fewer. There are expectations that property owners and tenants will comply with all ordinances pertaining to noise, parking, business licenses and number of occupants allowed at the residence. Weddings, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and other types of special events are not allowed.