24-Hour Hotline

24-Hour Hotline

As representatives of your property, we respond to complaints and violations for you.

The City of Las Vegas has an established 24-hour hotline (702-229-3500) to register a complaint about a short-term rental in your neighborhood. This non-emergency line is to handle complaints of noise, excessive number of tenants, large parties, trash and parking. It is important that you call during the events and provide the address so that staff may respond in a timely manner.

Common Violations

Noise – Outside music or excessive noise that can be heard 50 feet from the property line is in violation of the Las Vegas Municipal Code. Parking – All vehicles associated with the residents of the short-term rental must be parked in the driveway. Vehicles are not to block neighboring properties’ driveways or community mailboxes. Trash – Refuse shall not be left out or be stored in public view, except in proper containers for the purpose of collection in accordance with the requirements of Las Vegas Municipal Code Chapter 9.08.