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Property management

At VICE Realty we manage well over 400 rentals. We usually charge the highest rents on the block in every one of these rentals. We work with State, County, and Federal government agencies, local private charities, and the general public. We receive between 20 and 40 calls every day from prospective tenants looking to rent and we have more tenants than we can place into rentals.

We do everything in house: eviction, tenant placement, repairs, rehab, and anything that is needed. We will take your property and treat it like our own. We will save you money on repairs, evictions, and rehab, and make you more money by raising your rents to the level they should be. We are in this business to make money. If you don’t know how much rent you should be receiving from your property and would like to know, please give us a call.

We have a portfolio with rentals of all types from condos to apartments to houses and from A-class to C-class. Each type of building and tenant has unique needs and they can’t all be run the same way. Not knowing how to address each separately seems to be one of the pitfalls for most management companies. A-class are often very job dependent and economy driven whereas C-class often rely on government assistance, requiring extensive paperwork, inspections, and compliance with every law and code to qualify for rental assistance. Repairing these buildings is not the same either and we know exactly what needs to be fixed and how much is overboard.

From Derek, the owner, “I want the opportunity to manage your property and show you how I can increase your profits. I am not just your typical property manager. I am an investor first. I became a property manager because I didn’t like what I saw from the ones I had used, so I cut out the middle-man. I will increase your profits and reduce your headaches. I charge a flat 8% with no other fees”.