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Vice Realty is a full service brokerage. We own, manage, buy, sell, lease, rehab, and represent clients in all aspects of real estate. If it involves real estate, we do it.

Vice Realty is owned and managed by Derek Moellinger who holds a corporate broker license, an individual broker license, a property management license, a business broker license, and a B-2 contractor license. He personally owns 79 rentals in Las Vegas and manages and represents hundreds more.
Derek Moellinger

Derek Moellinger

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Full Service Property Management

Flat Fee Property Management

VICE Realty offers management at 8% of rents collected. We do not have any hidden charges. There are no contract fees, no lease signing fees, no lease renewal fees, no tenant finding fees. We only want 8% of rents collected. The goal here is that you, as the investor, make money on your property instead of passing all those profits along to the property manager.

No Charge for Lease Signings

Although most companies charge you as an owner to sign a tenant to a lease in your property, we at VICE Realty do not. There are no lease signing fees here at VICE Realty.

No Charge Lease Renewals

Depending on the term of the rental lease it could expire monthly, every six months, or yearly. Most companies actually charge you, the owner to simply resign the current tenant to another lease. This is thievery in my opinion and we do not do that. There are no lease renewal fees at VICE Realty.

No Charge for tenant placement

At VICE Realty we receive hundreds of phone calls each week for tenants seeking placement. We have more tenants than units. We do not have to advertise for tenants and this cost savings is passed on to you, the owner. Some cases will exist in house rentals where we seek highly qualified tenants and in this case we might need to market your property to attract the best candidates. This typically costs $300 for the agent representing those candidates. VICE Realty charges you zero on our end for this service (usually $300-$600). We only have to reimburse the agent who brought the candidate to us for you.

No Long Term Contracts

Many property management companies try to coerce owners to sign yearly contracts, or worse, to lock the owners into a contract for the length of the tenant leases. This basically allows the management company to completely take over your property. At VICE Realty we do not do this. My contract is month to month only. If you want to leave for any reason, you can. You won’t want to, but you can at least be at ease knowing the choice is yours and not something forced on you.

In House Maintenance to Lower Costs

Maintenance is the one area where owners’ bottom line can be decimated. Damages will occur. This is just part of this business. How quickly and inexpensively they can be corrected is very manageable, but most property managers fail miserably at this. It isn’t their money they are spending. It is yours. They typically get a few bids from overpriced contractors who will take a week to complete the job. Our owner, Derek Moellinger also owns AKAP Contracting and is a license B-2 Contractor. We have a staff of specialized repairmen who are all OSHA certified and insured. Keeping this in house allows VICE Realty to pass the savings for repair costs to the owners we represent.

In House Eviction Processing

Evictions are an unfortunate part of the real estate business. The laws are heavily in favor of the tenant. Every day a tenant is in your property not paying the rent that is owed to you is costing you money. At VICE Realty we begin the eviction process the day we are legally allowed to do so. We do not waste time with your money. We do not outsource this process. Everything is done in house with our staff. This shortens the processing times and reduces the costs for you as an owner.

Aggressive Marketing

In today’s age of technology most people have pretty amazing access to marketing materials. It is easier than ever to post something online and have it seen by many. The difference at VICE Realty is we direct your properties to the exact people who need to see it. But it requires more than just a listing. We have an enormous database of buyers and sellers and we reach out to them directly for each deal to get your property in front of those seeking your exact property.

everything in house

I do everything in house: eviction, tenant placement, repairs, rehab, and anything that is needed. I will take your property and treat it like my own.

I will save you money on repairs, evictions, and rehab, and I will make you more money by raising your rents to the level they should be. We are in this business to make money. If you don’t know how much rent you should be receiving from your property and would like to know, please
Give me a call

My Portfolio

I have a portfolio with rentals of all types from condos to apartments to houses and from A-class to C-class.

Each type of building and tenant has unique needs and they can’t all be run the same way. Not knowing how to address each separately seems to be one of the pitfalls for most management companies. A-class are often very job dependent and economy driven whereas C-class often rely on government assistance, requiring extensive paperwork, inspections, and compliance with every law and code to qualify for rental assistance.

Repairing these buildings is not the same either and I know exactly what needs to be fixed and how much is overboard.

I want the opportunity to manage your property and show you how I can increase your profits. I am not just your typical property manager. I am an investor first. I became a property manager because I didn’t like what I saw from the ones I had used, so I cut out the middle-man. I will increase your profits and reduce your headaches. I charge a flat 8% with no other fees.

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